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NCIS Fic - Black

Title: Black
Author: brightillusions
Theme: First Date.
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not for Profit.
Spoilers: None.
Beta: krabbypatty.
A/N: A date much like Gibbs himself. It's in early, hurrah!
Written for the third round of stagesoflove Five firsts.

Gibbs had taken her to an art exhibit for their first real date. It was a celebration of the color black. She had smiled and then laughed and then hugged him.

They had walked through the exhibit and although he was bored, he smiled and nodded as she looked at each display.

Abby had linked her arm with his as they left the exhibit. Dinner at a quiet diner followed the art. After his steak and her hamburger she talked him into sharing a banana split. They didn't speak of work or their team. Abby told him about her weekend and Gibbs said the boat was coming along fine.

Gibbs' face crinkled around the eyes when he smiled and Abby liked his uneven teeth. Her eyes sparkled when she laughed and he liked her perfect skin.

Gibbs walked her to her door and kissed her cheek. He waited for her to get inside before returning to his car.

It wasn't romantic and it wasn't the stuff of Shakespeare sonnets, but Abby had smiled and laughed and that was all that counted.
Tags: gibbs/abby, ncis fic, stages of love round three
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