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NCIS Fic - Tell Me on a Saturday.

Title: Tell Me on a Saturday
Fandom: NCIS
Characters: Gibbs/Abby
Prompt: #95 Disappear
Word Count: 519
Rating: G
Summary: Gibbs and Abby spend an evening and a day before tragedy.
Author's Notes: A prequel to Return. Written for 100_situations. For Lisa who asked for new fic. =)
Beta: krabbypatty

It happened on a Saturday. A long week had come to a close, and Gibbs had come home to a chicken and vegetable dinner and Abby's smile. They drank wine and talked about the world that moved around them. Abby was trying to get new lab equipment but Gibbs knew it wouldn't happen in the near future. That night they finished painting the name on his boat and started the varnish.

It was two am when Abby threw her arms around his neck in celebration of four years of work. A couple of cups of aged and bitter hard bourbon later, they smiled. She told him they'd figure out their next move tomorrow, she was high from fumes and tipsy from strong alcohol and now was the time to take her to bed. With careful hands, Gibbs followed her upstairs to the first level, to shut off lights and lock doors.

At the landing, Abby a step above, stopped him and threaded soft hands into his hair. She kissed him with a passion that came from years of knowing and urgent longing. Lips that only kissed the other came together quick, tasting of bourbon and surrounded by the bitter smell of paint.

Gibbs pressed aged hands into the soft skin at her spine, feeling the life and warmth beneath the art. His hands pulled her hips closer as his lips continued to meld with hers. Mere minutes and Abby backed away to bounce up the stairs to bed. He followed quickly, tumbling into bed after her, his body braced against hers.

Black hair fanned out alongside his hands as she slipped hers up his arms, underneath his shirt sleeves. A slender calf curved around his and hips reached for pressure. He was rewarded with her shuffling sigh and a gasp and soon all was right in their world.

Sleep came for them, with Abby pressed against his chin, his hands flat against her skin. An adventurous morning dawned when Abby climbed across his chest and woke him with her body. Much later they drifted about for his much needed coffee and the newspaper.

She coaxed him into the shower, by grabbing the hem of his shirt and pulling until he stumbled into her, pushing her against the wall. It was a laugh and a groan when she hooked her leg about his and reached for his pants. It was an unusual urgent need that neither could explain and none thought to fight. A morning of fun and smiles.

With her makeup on and draped in black for the day, Abby slipped between him and his newspaper and kissed him goodbye. Shopping for a gift and an oil change and she would return in time for lunch. With a serious gaze into his eyes, she grinned and walked out of the front door.

It happened on a Saturday morning. The loss of contact, no return and a gnawing fear. A fear and a loss that would follow him for the next month. In a moment she was gone and his serenity faded.
Tags: 100_situations, gibbs/abby, ncis fic
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