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NCIS Fic: Kansas

Title: Kansas
Fandom: NCIS
Characters: Gibbs/Abby
Prompt: #05 Son
Word Count: ?
Rating: G
Summary: Gibbs shows Abby a family.
Author's Notes: I miss my mom. Every day. Every single day. For my mom...she introduced me to NCIS and she always encouraged me to write, regardless of what it was. God I miss you.

Abby eyed the car warily. Gibbs stood at the driver's side door with his hands linked and resting on the top. A black duffel bag sat on the pristine back seat. A cup of coffee and a large Caf-Pow! sat snuggled in the cup holders.

"What's all this?"


"You don't take vacations."

He smiled. "I do now. Director's orders. I have too much saved up and security has been told to block my entrance. Plus we need some time away."

"How much time?"

"Two weeks should cover the trip to and from, plus a few days of fishing and catching up. Get in the car."

Abby felt her jaw drop open. "Two weeks?"

"Get in the car."

She watched as Gibbs rounded the car and took her bag from her stiff fingers. He set it next to his own and shut the door. With a touch to her back he pushed her towards the passenger door. "Get in the car."


Abby entertained herself with license plate bingo, and name that car. She kept up a steady chatter that Gibbs ignored. She left the radio on a classic country station on a low level and chatted over it. She quizzed him on state capitals for each out of state license plate she found. Gibbs was 10 and 0 when they stopped for a late dinner.

They spent the night at a dumpy little hotel in Kentucky. The next morning, Abby armed with a list of fun things to see and do on route i64-w was surprised when Gibbs did not put up a fight when she begged him to stop off at the Mary Todd Lincoln House and the Lexington Cemetery.

They lagged so long through their trip through Kentucky and into Illinois that they ended up in another small town eating at a tiny family owned diner. The claim to fame was old fashioned sodas and milk shakes. At the hotel Abby kicked off her shoes and tumbled to the bed.

"O. M. G." she muttered, sounding out each letter. "This feels so good. I'm exhausted."

She heard Gibbs laugh before he started the shower. She sat up quick and pulled at her knee high socks. A shower would feel marvelous.

Abby narrowly missed Gibbs as she barreled into the bathroom and into the shower. He had the water hot, like she liked it and it felt like heaven. Gibbs eased past her and under the spray.

"I so wasn't done yet."

"And it's my shower."

"I was here first."

His laughter meant he wasn't leaving to give her back her shower.

Afterwards she pulled a ratty marine corps shirt from his bag and slipped it over black boy shorts.

She smiled as she lay down, knowing he packed the shirt for her. She has almost fallen asleep when he finally joined her.

"What's gonna happen now?"

"It's out of my hands Abby."

He knew instinctively what she was talking about, the movement of their team and not the trip.

"But it's our family," she said softly. "We need each other."

"I'm surprised this didn't come sooner, Abbs. This length of service isn't normal."

She curled into his side, as close as she could get.

"I don't like it. I miss everyone."

He didn't say anything, which Abby expected. She knew this bothered him, but he did all he could. The strengths that Tony and McGee had along with their years with Gibbs, made them indispensable. She would really miss Ziva and the chance of running into her again were pretty small.

"It's what families do," Gibbs said. "Things change."

She knew this trip was more than vacation time. Gibbs was taking care of her while she mourned her family. Gibbs had left his new team to wander through mountains of paperwork. He hadn't given them much attention other than assigning them to a desk.

She sighed when his cheek dropped to rest against her head. "It's me and you Abbs."


The last leg of their journey led them into Kansas and left Abby to wonder how on earth Gibbs was able to find her way around. She still had no idea where they were going, Gibbs had only supplied enough of the directions for her to plan the sight seeing through Kentucky. The freeway dropped to two lanes as they passed into a town called Dexter. As they turned off the k-15 the scenery turned to farm land and barns.

They passed through the tiny town and turned off towards a creek. She couldn't imagine what was out here that they drove two days to find, but she was so excited to find out. Gibbs guided the car to a dirt road and slowed. They came onto a large pale blue farm house, minus the farm. The house was surrounded buy large shade trees and deep green grass. A dog lifted its head from the porch and eyed them as they stopped.

She followed Gibbs as he got out of the car. The dog lumbered to his feet and crossed to meet them. A beautiful and aged German Shepherd nudged Gibbs' hand.


He turned dark brown eyes to Abby. She waggled her fingers at him and smiled. "Hi Max."

The dog turned and trotted back to the porch.


Gibbs' voice rang out through the quiet yard. "Colonel?"

They heard a creak and then the squeaky hinged screen door flew open.

"Well I'll be God-damned."

Abby knew in an instant who was standing in front of her. With dark silver hair and crystal blue eyes, he was the spitting image, if not older version, of Gibbs.

"Colonel I want you to meet someone."

The colonel's eyes slid to Abby. She couldn't help it, she grinned.

"Been a long time since you brought a girl home to meet me Leroy." The colonel stepped away from the door. "You always bring home the lookers, lookit those eyes! What are you doing with Leroy, he ain't got any money."

She walked up the stairs and held out her hand. "Abby Sciuto."

"Listen to that voice," he laughed. "I think my knees went weak." He clasped her hand in his. "Colonel Jethro Allan Gibbs, Miss Abby at your service. You're sitting next to me at dinner."


Abby found time to explore the beautiful house while Gibbs and his dad figured out dinner. The den was covered in pictures, on tables, on the mantle, a few on the walls and a stack of photo albums in the short bookcase across from the couch. It was worn and dusty, the living room lacking a woman's touch.

She stopped in front of the fireplace to look up at the black and white photo hanging in prominent position. It was a much younger Colonel Gibbs in a dress uniform standing with a young, pretty blonde woman in a full skirted white dress. She carried a bundle of roses and had flowers holding back a flow of curls. They smiled directly at the camera, with his cheek against her temple.

The woman held her attention, her beauty was profound, and she looked kind. He might have his dad's blue eyes, but the shape came from this woman. His smile, broad, but slightly crooked also came from her. She was lovely.

"Meredith. She was an amazing woman."

She looked up at Gibbs. He stared at the photo with a smile. He was the mix of the two people in the picture, a perfect mix.

"She died just before I left for Iraq the first time. One of the hardest things I've ever done. Lived through the death of my mom."

He walked to the line of pictures on the mantle and picked up a small photo on the end. He handed it to Abby. "Molly and my mom. Molly and Nana."

The little blonde girl who looked so much like Gibbs stared up at an older version of Gibbs mom. They were both laughing and it almost made Abby want to cry.

"She's gorgeous."


She leaned her head against his shoulder. "Thanks for bringing me here."

"Family is where you least expect it."

Abby smiled.


Dexter is a city in the state of Kansas with like 500 people. I originally wanted a town with a military base, because of what we knew of Gibbs' dad. But I wanted a small town and I love the show Dexter. So there's that. And the freeways and route is right. I looked it up.

Thanks for reading.
Tags: 100_situations, gibbs/abby, ncis fic
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