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NCIS Fic: Home

Title: Home
Fandom: NCIS
Characters: Gibbs/Abby
Prompt: #04 Late
Word Count:
Rating: G
Summary: Gibbs comes home late.
Author's Notes: I'm working on finding my writing again. For my biggest fan.

Gibbs sat on the end of the bed with a sigh. Another long day had passed into a long morning. And now it was evening, late evening again and he was finally home. He took a moment and listened to the sound of his house at night. He needed to do so many things at that moment but could not bring himself to move. A shower would be nice, dinner even better. His favorite sweats and a t shirt would be great. Instead he sat on the end of his bed and let his mind clear for a few minutes.

The dip in the bed brought him out of his musings. A warm body pressed itself to his back. Soft hands held him close as the faint scent of vanilla drifted around him.

"You're home."

He was home. Safe and sound within the confines of his home and loved one. It had been days. Days since he'd sat on this bed and relaxed. Days since these arms had been wrapped around his body. A long time since he'd been calmed by the scent of vanilla.

"Are you staying?"

Abby's hands began pulling at his jacket. She had the jacket off in no time. Her hands went next to his waist to pull his shirt out of his waistband. Gibbs sat quietly, letting Abby work his clothes off. She stopped when his shirts were off. She pressed her cheek against his back. Her skin was warm against his.

"Come on. Bed."

Her small hands pushed him to his feet. He worked quickly and slipped out of his pants, setting his wallet and keys on the dresser. The covers were pulled back and warm when he laid down. She draped herself across him, curving into the shape of his body. Abby was soft, warm and naked against him.

For the first time since he walked in his front door, he felt calm and relaxed. He had fought the evils of the world for one more day and now he was home with his love. She was safe, they had another day stretching out before them.

Her hand curved around the side of his neck. Since she came into his life, he found he wasn't able to sleep when she wasn't wrapped around him like this. She warmed him up on the nights it was cold. She calmed him down when the world had ravaged him. Abby gave him the strength to smile when he really didn't care to.

"Wake me before you go," she whispered against his skin. Gibbs nodded, he never left her without a touch to her face or a soft kiss. In minutes he felt her fall into sleep. With a sigh he let himself follow.
Tags: 100_situations, gibbs/abby, ncis fic
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