Jane (brightillusions) wrote in danzansolas,

NCIS Fic - One Moment.

Title: One Moment
Author: brightillusions
Theme: First Time.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not for Profit.
Spoilers: None.
Beta: krabbypatty.
A/N: It's what Abby's been dreaming of.
Written for Round Three of stagesoflove.

His hands had memorized her body. From her neck to her heels, Gibbs had traced his path. Soft gentle strokes combined with lilting pressure. He'd warmed her body by touch and with his quiet words.

Gibbs had seen the tattoos few knew she carried. Abby had felt the battle scars he kept buried. His fingers trailed through her hair, his lips tasted the salt of her neck. It was fast and slow, hurried and languid.

His skin was battered and warm. Her fingers settled into the grooves of old scars and he sighed.

Abby felt like everything was worth this small stolen moment. The touch of his skin against hers, gasping breaths and the arch of her back.

Abby slipped her hand over his cheek. His eyes sparkled as she kissed across his nose.

It was better than she'd imagined.
Tags: gibbs/abby, ncis fic, stages of love round three
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